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VIDEO: “Spider Sabich” (and “Who Are Yous?”)

Our friend (and immensely talented singer-songwriter-producer-dad) Mark Bacino filmed us performing a new song, “Spider Sabich,” for episode 5 of his video show “Speakin’ the Queens.” We then backed Mark for “Who Are Yous?,” a track from his fantastic new album Queens English. Mark’s album (did we mention it’s fantastic?) is a song cycle about life in New York’s outer boroughs, and “Who Are Yous?” is the Williamsburg song, so we felt right at home.

Spider who?, you ask. Spider Sabich.

GIG: Hi, How Are You?

Daniel Johnston ranks as one of our favorite things in all of creation, and so we are honored, excited and probably a bit nervous to be performing three songs from his Hi, How Are You album in the next installment of Boog City’s awesome Classic Albums Live series. It’s happening Wednesday July 14 at the Sidewalk Cafe. Boog City (p.s. that link is actually a download of the most recent issue) has made the unusual pairing of Hi, How Are You (to be performed by Bob Kerr, Steve Espinola, Preston Spurlock, Christy Davis and yours trulies) and Paul Simon’s Graceland (to be performed by six other acts). Unexpect the expected.