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Track 5: “Smudged Makeup”

Adapted, like “Dream Corridors,” from a poem by Oliver Baer. He writes dark poems, and this is one of the darker ones. For reasons understood only by us, we wrote two songs to the same poem, one fast, one slow. We played him the fast one first and he asked for something more depressing. Then we played this one and he nodded in approval. The fast one, which will probably be called something else, will eventually be posted here too. If Neil Young can do the same song twice on an album, why can’t we? Matty’s orange distortion box isn’t working so well these days, which is one of the secrets of our sound here. Our dark, depressing hovel of a rehearsal space, where we recorded this one, is the other secret.

Track 4: ”Purple Plastic Cloud”

Recorded last weekend on Cheri’s laptop. This is how it generally works when you hear Matty doing a lead vocal. Cheri says,”You should sing this one”; Matty says “Really?” “Really.” “Um, OK, but you have to sing along.” “Deal.” Then sometimes we erase her in the mix. The drum/guitar intro is a blatant ripoff homage to Billy Joel’s “Sometimes a Fantasy.” In case that wasn’t blindingly obvious.

Track 3: “The Tiniest Entertainers in the World”

The title came from an entry in a book of vintage circus posters. We like how it’s simultaneously boastful and self-deprecating. Yin and yang. This was an early album-title candidate. It’s also probably the oldest song we’ll release as part of this project. It’s been on our Myspace forever, in unmixed form. Now it’s mixed, courtesy Bart Schoudel and Ron Haney of Near Studios (and the band the Churchills). They also recorded “My Pony Plays the Mambo” and many songs still to come.

“Decibeled Passages” live

Here we are playing “Decibeled Passages,” the original version of “Dream Corridors,” based almost entirely on Oliver Baer’s beautiful poem, at Oliver’s book release party. That’s him standing on the right in a Russian hat and kimono. Use this as a place holder until we add Pam’s ringing harmonies to the recorded version.

Track 2: “Dream Corridors”

Written and recorded three days ago, inspired by and including words from a poem from our friend Oliver Baer’s book “Baer Soul” (which we’re told you’ll be able to buy online shortly, and you should). We originally wrote a song called “Decibeled Passages” which was based almost verbatim on the poem, and we will eventually post that too. “Dream Corridors” is the same melody with some different words that just kinda came to us a few hours later. Don’t ask. That’s how our heads work. Thank you Oliver.

Track 1: “My Pony Plays the Mambo”

Starship (post-Jefferson) goes to Ipanema Beach (way post-Astrud Gilberto). That’s pretty much all we can say about this one, except it’s an instrumental with harmonies and it’s the mascot song for our album, which is why we’re posting it first.

Who What Why?

The first album was called Sticky and came out on CD. You can find it here. This is the difficult followup. Difficult for us, that is. We took an unbelievably long time to start making it and then realized we had no idea how to stop making it. But then we realized we didn’t have to. We could just put it out even as we continued to make it. No more being so goddamned deliberate. No more watching for judgment anxiously.

So this is it. Right here. It will grow by at least one song a week. Some songs are already done, some haven’t been conceived yet. Some will be produced in real studios by real producers. Some will be produced at home on a five-year-old laptop. They are all songs. They are all part of the neverending, difficult second album.