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Track 9: “You’re Not Telling Me Something”

Paranoia, suspicion, accusation, release. Actually, the basic idea of this one is that we just wanted to try out Pam’s new bass distortion pedal. Everything else fell into place from there. That’s Ron Haney of the Churchills doing the harmony on the last chorus. That’s Matty singing about an “orangey sky”; in a random homage to the Cars. And that’s Cheri, obviously, holding out a scream for 9 seconds in the bridge.

Track 8: “Jody Is Right for You”

Go to Type the word “Jody” in the search box. That’s what we did. (Better yet, type another name in the box and write your own song.) The name “Jody” is meaningless to us, as is the idea that any particular person with that name might be right for any particular one of us (or you). But like a lot of T-Dolls songs, what starts out as random and/or meaningless eventually begins to make some kind of weird sense to us as we fill in the missing lines, as if the song is trying to tell us something rather than the other way around. That’s why we write. Not to say stuff. But to find stuff out. Stuff that we probably wanted to say but didn’t know how. If we’re really really lucky, maybe you’ll hear it too.

Track 7: “Giant Moon”

Track 7: “Giant Moon”

Track 6: “Sugar Free Blues”

Technicolor boy unexpectedly falls for black-and-white girl. Or maybe technicolor girl falls for black-and-white boy. Works either way. Music note: Cheri is always saying a song should be faster than we’re playing it at any given moment. She got her wish on this one. Lyric note: We’re not thrilled with the word “gingerbread” in the second verse. We remain open to suggestions.