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Track 18. "Little Surprises"


Lyrically inspired by a friend’s script about weird goings-on at yard sales. Musically inspired by the old-timey yacht-rock bounce of classic TV theme songs by Harry Nilsson and John Sebastian, and maybe even by our musical brother Mark Bacino, who turned us on to them and does a pretty amazing job of capturing that vibe himself. But maybe we’re not supposed to be quite so transparent. Oops. Oh, and speaking of transparent, we also pretty much stole a line from Neil Young’s “Welfare Mothers,” which has no old-timey yacht-rock bounce at all.

Track 17. "Under the Summer"

Happy¹ summer² everybody.

- – - – -

1. This is song is not completely happy. But it is not completely sad either.
2. Today is the longest day of the year (15 hours, 5 minutes, 51 seconds of sunlight here in Brooklyn). This is the longest original song we have ever released (3 minutes 50 seconds). Put this song on repeat at sunrise and it will play 236 times before the sun goes down.

Track 16. "Outrunning"


As we mentioned before, we adapted three of our friend Oliver Baer’s poems into songs to celebrate the publication of his book “Baer Soul.”  But we ended up with four songs because we wrote one of them twice. We can be weird that way. So if you’re wondering why this one and “Smudged Makeup” seem to have the same lyrics, that’s why.

Track 15. "Cut a Long Line"


Born as a slow, trippy score to a drug scene in a movie about struggling Lower East Side artists (shoutout to director Tony Daniel). Rhythmless and dominated by a piercing wail that sounds like trumpets being run over by a car while melting in an equatorial heatwave, it had its charm. Bear witness:

(featured above: Rika Daniel, Lisa Raymond)

Reborn when we whipped it into a military six-against-five-with-an-occasional-seven chug-chug beat and sent it on a ride on the Cyclone at Coney Island. It got rhythm! We could finally wrap our arms tightly around our torsos and twitch to it.

Christened when we came up with an arbitrary (and temporary) rule that all the song titles on the album should be complete sentences.

Track 14. “Don’t Pass Me By”

A Beatles cover, from an unreleased Ringo Starr tribute album. At least we think it’s unreleased. We turned this in (a little late, admittedly), and then never heard another word from the guy who was putting out the record. Maybe he didn’t like it. Maybe it’s a hit in Finland. This was a long time ago. The Beatles had six covers on their first album, and another six on their second. We had none on our first, and this is the only one — so far — on our second. Just sayin’.

Major Matt of Schwervon! produced “Don’t Pass Me By” in Schwervon’s loud, and love-filled, Lower East Side apartment.