30-31. “Track 30-31: “Keep It Dark” / “All This Madness Could Be Ours”

Two songs this week, both written in the past half year for soundtracks, both received enthusiastically, both unused in the end. But we walked away with two new songs, so all’s good. They’re not quite standard T-Dolls material — we weren’t thinking at all about our album-in-progress when we recorded them — but they’re still very much us. We’re stretching!

We submitted “Keep It Dark” to a director who doesn’t like to define her work too explicitly; she likes audiences to create their own meanings. In that spirit, let’s just say the song is about some people who don’t want to tell you some things, and some people who don’t want to know some things.

“All This Madness Could Be Ours” was for a friend’s still-in-production sci-fi web series, and it seemed kind of cliched obvious that we should make a slow, spooky ballad with an electronic beat. The lyrics were an attempt to convey the series’ theme and setting without actually using anything from the series; we wanted it to sound like a song the filmmakers would have randomly found rather than one written to order. (And, yes, the “parking cars” reference in the final chorus is an allusion to the most beautiful song ever written about things in space, Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love.”)

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