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Gig: Sunday 10/2

10/2/11 Brighton Bar gig

We’re going back to our roots for a special show this Sunday, Oct 2, at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ – the punk-rock capital of the Jersey shore. Where we got our start. No, we weren’t ever actually punk-rock, but they kept inviting us back anyway, because that’s how punk-rock they were.

We’re opening for Sorrows, a great power-pop band featuring our beloved ex-drummer, Joey Cola.

And we’ll be featuring special guest Rob Christiansen in place of our current beloved drummer Chris McBurney, who’s now on the road impersonating Ringo Starr. No lie. You’d do it too if you could.

Sunday, October 2

The Brighton Bar
121 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

8:30pm The Trouble Dolls

9:30pm Sorrows

10:30pm The Orion Experience

7 bucks

Track 26: “A Girl Named Pam”

Everyone knows the bass is the most important instrument in a pop band. Or, at least, everyone should know this. Herewith, we celebrate our own, with apologies to Dr. Seuss.

VIDEO: “Spider Sabich” (and “Who Are Yous?”)

Our friend (and immensely talented singer-songwriter-producer-dad) Mark Bacino filmed us performing a new song, “Spider Sabich,” for episode 5 of his video show “Speakin’ the Queens.” We then backed Mark for “Who Are Yous?,” a track from his fantastic new album Queens English. Mark’s album (did we mention it’s fantastic?) is a song cycle about life in New York’s outer boroughs, and “Who Are Yous?” is the Williamsburg song, so we felt right at home.

Spider who?, you ask. Spider Sabich.

GIG: Hi, How Are You?

Daniel Johnston ranks as one of our favorite things in all of creation, and so we are honored, excited and probably a bit nervous to be performing three songs from his Hi, How Are You album in the next installment of Boog City’s awesome Classic Albums Live series. It’s happening Wednesday July 14 at the Sidewalk Cafe. Boog City (p.s. that link is actually a download of the most recent issue) has made the unusual pairing of Hi, How Are You (to be performed by Bob Kerr, Steve Espinola, Preston Spurlock, Christy Davis and yours trulies) and Paul Simon’s Graceland (to be performed by six other acts). Unexpect the expected.

Things we learned today

Humans can survive for at least 8 hours without accessing the internet.

A Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffin has twice as many calories as a glazed donut (530).

It’s possible to get a fantastic drum sound in a room no bigger than the average hedge fund manager’s master bath.

Three new songs coming soon:”Spider Sabich,” “O My Body,” “Teethmarks”!

GIG: 69 Cover Songs

We’re in cover mode again this Wednesday, 09/09/09, when we’ll be 

helping to cover the entirety of the Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs as part of

the opening night party for the 3rd Annual Boog City Festival. It’s going to take

13 bands to do it, starting at 7pm at the Sidewalk Cafe. We’d love to tell you 

exactly when we start our five-song Magnetic mini-set, but we don’t know. We’re 

figuring somewhere around 9pm. But you really should come and see the whole thing.

Or just come whenever you want. Roughly 58 of the 69 songs are good.


L’amour toujours, Stephin.


Wednesday, 09/09/09

Sidewalk Cafe

94 Avenue A (at E. 6th St.), NYC


The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs

performed live by


Admiral of the Narrow Sea

Kathy Zimmer

Ben Krieger

Adam Ferretti

Yoko Kikuchi & Sara Lautman

Andre Hoepfner

Genan Zilkha

Stephanie Niles

The Trouble Dolls

Maynard and the Musties

Bernie Q. and Friends


A Brief View of the Hudson


Download the Welcome to Boog City schedule

Scottish Bob won’t be there, but we will.

Bob’s in Edinburgh, after all, and a practical man.
Matty and Cheri, reckless as ever, will be flying in from Brooklyn to play with the other members of Mark Bacino’s band as he performs his new album “Queens English” in its entirety.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
7:00pm – 8:00pm
The Living Room
154 Ludlow Street
New York, NY
F, V to 2nd Avenue

Gig April 25th

Sherman Boim, who put this show together, says “If it sounds like the Beatles, it’s power pop.”  Shhhhhhh – we don’t sound like the Beatles. But we fit the bill in our own melodic, harmony-laden fashion.

New York Power Pop Page presents
8:00 Joey Salvia
8:30 The Trouble Dolls
9:30 Amanda Kaletsky
10:30 Splitsville

Kenny’s Castaways
157 Bleecker St., NY
Between Sullivan and Thompson
A, C, E to West 4th
21 and over

NY Power Pop Page

GIG: Change

On Thursday Nov. 6 we celebrate change with lots of new songs and one old new bass player named Pam.

The Delancey
8 pm – Hot Chelle Rae
8:30 pm – The Rakehells
9:15 pm – John Brodeur
10 pm – Trouble Dolls

GIG: Fitter Happier Dolls

On Thursday May 15, we’re putting our Radioheads on and covering three songs from “OK Computer” as part of a benefit for the literary journal Boog City (wait, do you really not have a website, David? How do we link to you?) at Cake Shop (who do have one). We and many of our literary-wannabe band friends will cover David Bowie’s “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust…” and Radiohead’s “OK Computer” in order, starting at 7 pm. Randi Russo, Dibson T. Hoffweiler, Todd Carlstrom & The Clamour, the Passenger Pigeons & more!