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Track 25. "One Slimy Person"

Written after a particularly gnarly encounter with a co-worker at the corporate media farm where two of us worked. Why punch in the face when you can poke in the ears with a jangly guitar?

Track 22-24. "Cross It Out"/"Turd Bomb"/"Crucial Thing"

Cross It Out by troubledolls

Turd Bomb by troubledolls

Crucial Thing by troubledolls

We joined a cool little group called the Immersion Composition Society. It consists of songwriters who each try to write and record 20 songs in a day, once a month. Speed-songwriting, basically. It turns out almost no one ever actually gets 20 songs done, but the point is to keep trying. We came up with four or five on our first attempt. Here are three of them.

Track 21. "Stand On"

We were asked to write and record a sea shanty and we had one night to do it. If we had one more night, we might have written another verse.

Track 20. "Distant Early Warning"


Another would-be TV theme, this one for a series about a government agency that knows a little too much about you. We were given two phrases to work with: “distant early warning” (a Cold War reference; also, of course, a Rush song) and “pattern recognition.” Conveniently, they both have six syllables and the same rhythm. The rest came quickly and easily — unlike the series, which never made it out of development. Technically, we’re not sure it even made it into development.

Track 19. "Reindeer Boy" featuring Mouse Pack

The goal: Bring a laptop to a friend’s house, order dinner, write and record a song, have dessert, go home.

The result: Mouse Pack.

Mouse Pack is Cheri and Matty along with our friends Mark and Lynn Bacino and Mark Creel. Mouse Pack existed for exactly one night, though we reserve the right to reunite someday. Mouse Pack’s only song was recorded at Mark and Lynn’s dining room table in Queens while ordering and consuming Chinese take-out. The second verse came straight from the menu. The crunching percussion sound is Lynn B and Mark C eating carrots and blue corn chips, which, in the interest of full disclosure, were not part of the Chinese take-out. You should buy Mark B’s album The Queens English. There will be more about Queens later in the album.

Track 18. "Little Surprises"


Lyrically inspired by a friend’s script about weird goings-on at yard sales. Musically inspired by the old-timey yacht-rock bounce of classic TV theme songs by Harry Nilsson and John Sebastian, and maybe even by our musical brother Mark Bacino, who turned us on to them and does a pretty amazing job of capturing that vibe himself. But maybe we’re not supposed to be quite so transparent. Oops. Oh, and speaking of transparent, we also pretty much stole a line from Neil Young’s “Welfare Mothers,” which has no old-timey yacht-rock bounce at all.

Track 17. "Under the Summer"

Happy¹ summer² everybody.

- – - – -

1. This is song is not completely happy. But it is not completely sad either.
2. Today is the longest day of the year (15 hours, 5 minutes, 51 seconds of sunlight here in Brooklyn). This is the longest original song we have ever released (3 minutes 50 seconds). Put this song on repeat at sunrise and it will play 236 times before the sun goes down.

Track 16. "Outrunning"


As we mentioned before, we adapted three of our friend Oliver Baer’s poems into songs to celebrate the publication of his book “Baer Soul.”  But we ended up with four songs because we wrote one of them twice. We can be weird that way. So if you’re wondering why this one and “Smudged Makeup” seem to have the same lyrics, that’s why.