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Track 15. "Cut a Long Line"


Born as a slow, trippy score to a drug scene in a movie about struggling Lower East Side artists (shoutout to director Tony Daniel). Rhythmless and dominated by a piercing wail that sounds like trumpets being run over by a car while melting in an equatorial heatwave, it had its charm. Bear witness:

(featured above: Rika Daniel, Lisa Raymond)

Reborn when we whipped it into a military six-against-five-with-an-occasional-seven chug-chug beat and sent it on a ride on the Cyclone at Coney Island. It got rhythm! We could finally wrap our arms tightly around our torsos and twitch to it.

Christened when we came up with an arbitrary (and temporary) rule that all the song titles on the album should be complete sentences.

“Decibeled Passages” live

Here we are playing “Decibeled Passages,” the original version of “Dream Corridors,” based almost entirely on Oliver Baer’s beautiful poem, at Oliver’s book release party. That’s him standing on the right in a Russian hat and kimono. Use this as a place holder until we add Pam’s ringing harmonies to the recorded version.

VIDEO: “Spider Sabich” (and “Who Are Yous?”)

Our friend (and immensely talented singer-songwriter-producer-dad) Mark Bacino filmed us performing a new song, “Spider Sabich,” for episode 5 of his video show “Speakin’ the Queens.” We then backed Mark for “Who Are Yous?,” a track from his fantastic new album Queens English. Mark’s album (did we mention it’s fantastic?) is a song cycle about life in New York’s outer boroughs, and “Who Are Yous?” is the Williamsburg song, so we felt right at home.

Spider who?, you ask. Spider Sabich.